Brishana Hocog - Executive Assistant

Brishana joined ReVision Homes in February 2017 and is the newest addition to the team! As executive assistant, she oversees the daily operations of the office.

In her freetime, Brishana loves to travel and spend time with her family and dogs. 


​​Chris has been actively investing in Real Estate since 2009. He is licensed as a Washington State Real Estate Broker and is a Washington State licensed, bonded and insured contractor. He began his business cosmetically remodeling and flipping houses and has grown his company into a large scale REHAB business. His goals are always to provide a top notch product for a fair and reasonable price! He believes in doing things right the first time and takes great pride in being an investor/contractor that directly manages all of his projects. This ensures the best quality and the best product for potential home buyers!